7 Websites To Track And Find Out About Books


Oftentimes we find ourselves coming to the end of a great book wishing it did not have to stop. Once we finish our great read we have to start searching for the next best thing. With an overwhelming number of options today it can be very hard to choose. In addition, it can be nice to catalog what you have read so as to help aid in recommendations for a friend or loved one. Luckily, there are sites now for everything we need and while some sites give you great bonus codes for betting online, such as 1xbet Promo Code 2021 India, others help you find the perfect book recommendation possible so the fun never has to stop.


One of the best sites for book recommendations is Shelfari. You can sign up to have your own account. Within your account, you can have a number of books on your “bookshelf”. These can be books you have read or want to read. When you finish a book, you can leave a review to help guide the next reader. The reader can use reviews from others to help aid them in their selection process.


Amazon is one of the most popular shopping sites in the world right now, so it is no shock they know their books. Once a reader has bought a book, the website will use the data from past purchases to help direct them towards another book they will love.


This site is focused on the community aspect of book reading. It is essentially like an online book club where people can share their feedback and participate in group discussions. Goodreads also offers a popular mobile app where the reader can sort their reading list.

Library Thing

As a free option for the subscribers first 200 books, this site lets the user try it out first. A great way for a reader to ensure the site is a good fit for their needs. It offers a variety of different features such as a directory of books, but it also has a community aspect to it. People can share feedback on different books and partake in group discussions.

Electric Literature

Another site making waves is electric literature. They offer a page for submissions. So, if a user is a new author and wants their work to be read they can post it on this site. This can be a great place for avid readers to discover their new up and coming favorite author. The site will make recommendations that fit with the reader’s tastes.


Sheets on Google is a simple way to sort a reading list. The classic web page allows the user to sort by a variety of different features. It can be organized by genre, author, or even length or word count. If a truly immersive site does not sound good then Google might be a perfect fit.


Litsy is an interesting site that has been gaining a lot of traction. The reviews are done more in a blurb style as opposed to detailed reviews. It is a great site for someone who wants to skim through their options quickly. It combines a number of different concepts, such as your more traditional reader’s site and your social media likes Instagram.

There is a large variety of options available to an avid reader as far as recommendation sites go. Some are more community based while others are more about organizations.