Are ebooks taking over printed books?


Different types of readers chose different book genres, as well as the versions of the books. Some people prefer holding a physical book in their hands and feeling the smell of its pages while being comfortably curled up in an armchair. Other people rather use their Kindle, tablet or computer for reading. The technological progress is rapidly shifting focus from the traditional books to ebooks. We cannot ignore all of the advantages of the ebooks.

Ebooks are easily acquired

Traditional methods for accessing books are in some situations really annoying. Imagine yourself having a bad day while it is raining outside, and all you want to do is lie in your bed and read a book. The last thing you feel like doing is going to the other part of the town and visiting a library. That is why ebooks are a better choice since you can instantly get them. You just need internet access and a device for reading a book.

Ebooks save the space

If a person lives in a tiny apartment but adores reading, he/she would prefer ebooks to traditional books, because after finishing them you can simply delete them from the device or move them to a disc, external hard drive or some online storage platform. It saves your apartment space and saves you from dusting the books on the shelves.

You can modify the font size of ebooks and read in the dark

Different from printed books, ebooks offer you the possibility to choose different size and style and make the book readable and adjusted to your vision. Printed books only offer you smaller and larger font for some titles, not all of them. Also, when reading printed books you need to be in a lightened room while reading an ebook becomes possible even in the darkest space without any light.

Ebooks save the environment

When printing traditional books, a lot of the paper is used. Some of the paper can be recycled but this process causes a lot of the pollution and thus is not environmentally friendly. By switching to ebooks you get the feeling that you are saving your environment.

Ebooks are cheaper than printed books

Most of the people believe that ebooks are more expensive than the hard-cover books. But, the readers can, in fact, save a lot of money buying ebooks. This is because these books do not have the trendy design or expensive paper, but are made to be simple and used for reading on every device. Some of these books could be also found for free.

Ebooks have dictionaries

A nice option included in ebooks is a dictionary. It can be very annoying when you read a book and come across a word that is not familiar to you. You have to carry a dictionary with you, search for words in it or on the Internet. This wastes your time. On the other hand, when you click on a word in an ebook, it gives you a definition or directs you to the Wikipedia article about that word.