How to turn your writing talent into profit


When talking about writers, most people think of those who create different forms of literary art, such as novels, plays, or short stories. However, thanks to the development of the internet and social media, people with great writing skills and talents have more possibilities to use their craft to earn a living. Nowadays, one of the most popular jobs for talented writers is a website content writer.

What does a content writer do?

Working as a content writer involves creating informational and promotional texts for websites. Content writers are not physically bound to a certain workplace – they can work from their home or as freelancers. This is especially convenient because talented people from any part of the world can find a job online and even earn more than what they could earn by working in their country.

What do you need to be a content writer?

Firstly, great content writers should possess remarkable language skills. They need to be able to use various writing styles appropriately, they need a rich vocabulary and a thorough knowledge of grammar. Content writers usually write texts in their mother tongue, but there is a certain level of demand for writers who can create texts in a foreign language. Of course, they must be fully proficient in that language to be successful.

Furthermore, since writing is nowadays mainly done digitally, content writers need to have sufficient computer skills. It is advisable to be familiar with different text editors and writing apps as content writing requires a lot of editing before a text is ready to be published. In addition, content writers need computer skills in order to do research on different topics. It is rather impractical to do research in a library when there is so much material available on the internet.

Additionally, depending on the particularities of their task, content writers may need to have knowledge about marketing, SEO, HTML or design.

What topics do content writers write about?   

Another important issue to consider when talking about content writers is what topics they write about. For some content writers, the client or the employer determine the topics which can fall into one specific field or many different fields. If the content writer is not fully acquainted with the topic, they have to do considerable research, which takes time and effort and requires research skills.

In other cases, the topic depends on the target audience and need to be carefully thought through. For instance, if your target audience are mainly women, you may want to avoid topics that are traditionally related to men, such as car parts or bodybuilding, and you should develop a writing style that is more appealing to women.

Finally, the topic can be chosen in accordance with the content writer’s expertise or interests. Successful content writers may think about creating their own website, blog or e-zine and have more control over their workload and income. They can even use their online content to compile a book, which they can also publish in print. The website itself can help them reach potential readers and advertise their book.

Other potential careers for talented writers include news reporters, social media managers, technical writers, bloggers or magazine writers. It is up to you to explore the various possibilities and find the best way to turn your writing talent into profit.