On the lookout for a good read


There are so many books nowadays that scientists say that, if we read all day long every day, we wouldn’t be able to read all of them even if we had a thousand lifetimes, and we certainly don’t have so much time. With everyday chores, jobs, and time that we want to spend with our family and friends, it seems that there is not so much time to read a book. Therefore, we should use our time wisely and read only good books, but it is not so easy to find the right book that will move us, inspire us, or teach us what we need to know. If you don’t want to waste your time and energy, you should check out these tips on finding the right book more easily.

Review sites

One way to find a book that you will most probably like is to visit review sites. There are sites that are dedicated to reviewing books and, in most cases, you can trust their judgement. What you should do is choose your favorite genre and pick the book with the highest ranking. You can find lots of review sites, and one of the most popular ones is goodreads.com.

Ask for recommendations

Another great way to find out what book you should read next it to ask a friend for a recommendation. It would be ideal if your friend is a bit of a bookworm who is familiar with your taste in books. That would definitely increase your chances of finding a perfect book, and, what’s more, you may not need to buy the book at all, but simply borrow it from your friend.

If you don’t have any friends who enjoy reading or like the same genre as you do, you can join a local book club. There you will most likely find someone who can recommend a good read or introduce you to some new authors or genres. You can also exchange books with the other members.

Learn from experience

The more books you read, the more skilled in finding good books you will be. You will know more clearly what kind of books you may like judging by the author or the blurb. Even if half way through the book you realize that it is not what you have expected, you can simply stop reading. If you figure out that the book is not interesting enough, find a new book to read and don’t waste your precious time.

Finally, you should keep in mind that different people have different tastes. Therefore, you should talk about books with your friends or acquaintances often until you find a person who shares the same ideas of good books as you.