Tips for promoting your writing services online


If you chose writing to be the job that you love and that earns you a living, then you should always be available for the possible projects. One more important thing is promoting your services online in order to become visible to the people who may hire you. Here are some suggestions on how you can market your writing services online.

Your resume should be unique

Be sure to write a good resume and to send it to every address that you can. If your clients cannot find you, maybe you can find them. A nice detail of your resume is mentioning that you are a freelance writer for hire. This will tell possible clients that you are available and they can contact you if they are interested in your services.

Give as many information about yourself as possible. Try to be entertaining, in order to attract their attention and stand out among the other writers. Be persistent in sending your resume to potential employers. If they do not hire you at first, it does not mean that they will not contact you when they have a project to assign to you.

Create an email signature

Since you are writing texts and spend most of the time on the Internet, reading and sending emails, it is highly recommended to use an email signature. It should not be anything complicated. You can write your name as usual and your occupation, for example, content writer/professional writer/copywriter. You can also include your website, email and contact information in order for the potential clients to contact you.

Write a blog

Writing a blog is a nice way to occupy your space on the Internet. This can be the place for sharing the texts of your interest. For example, if you like healthy food and cooking, you can write articles and recipes and post them online. People who are interested in these topics could easily find you this way and have the insight into your work and qualities.

Network with other writers

It is strongly recommended to connect with other freelance writers since they can further connect you with their clients or companies who need a writer like you. Or if there appears a great project which cannot be done by one person, they can put in a good word for you and you will be hired to work together. Keep in mind that the chain of people you know is the road to success.

Advertise yourself on social media

First, you have to create a page on social networks and try to be present and active. The next thing is to connect with your friends and potential clients. You can post an ad about your writing, or some texts from your blog to serve as a specimen for the potential clients. When you finish a project you can kindly ask your client to mention you on social networks and recommend your services to their friends and business partners.