6 Best Publishing Companies to Get Your Work Out There


The field of writing is very competitive, as most new authors will discover quickly. There are a variety of different publishing companies, and certain ones will not give a new author a second look. Others are more open to new talent. As an author trying to get your foot in the door somewhere I would recommend trying these publishing companies.

Turner Books

Turner Books publish just about every genre under the sun. So, whatever genre your works fall under they might have a spot for you. They have also been known to be very open to discovering new talent in the past. They are a large company, which may be what one could attribute their willingness to take a risk on a newbie to. They only take submissions via email; however, they are known to be very upfront, so if you do not hear from them it is because they are not interested.

Kindle Direct Publishing

Another great option for new writers is Kindle Direct Publishing. The number of books being sold online now has skyrocketed. E-books are said to be the way of the future, so getting involved with online distributors is a great way to get your work out there as a new author. By partaking in Kindle Direct Publishing’s platform, KDP Select, an author gives them the rights to sell the book at a discounted price for 90-days. This is an excellent way to get your work recognized.


Another innovative idea is CreateSpace—the Amazon site that allows you to put your book for sale, and then it will not be printed until a sale is made. By using this publisher your book will be available to the public for purchase. Amazon does take a forty percent cut, but this could be a great way for a new writer to build a fan base.

Source Books

This company, which is Illinois-based, has a spot for new talent in both adult fiction and romance. They do publish in every genre and the unsolicited genres they accept may vary. They will respond to each submission within two weeks and only accept submissions via email. This is a great way to get some real feedback.

Coffee House Press

This large, well-established brand typically does not do open submissions. However, for a brief time each year they do. They have a three-month period each year where they will accept 300 unsolicited submissions, reviewing each one. As a new writer trying to get discovered this is a great opportunity.


Possibly, most notably, Clarion is open to unsolicited submissions and has worked with new talent in the past. Famous for publishing many award-winning works they do accept all genres of unsolicited work. They will review each piece, but do not necessarily expect to hear back. If they are not interested you will not receive any response.

As a new author, it is important to get your work out there. Once you gain recognition publishers will come to you. Getting your work out there and building a fan base is the first step on a long road.