Should We Stop Buying Books Before We Know We Have Time To Read Them?


Often times, people buy more books than they can read. This is a common habit among individuals in a number of different societies. Whether they work seventy-hour weeks or are busy keeping track of their three kids, book reading takes more time and it typically does not take priority over real life. So, even when we find a book that looks super interesting and we cannot wait to read it, sometimes it gets cast aside for a rainy day. All of these books pile up as we continue to buy what interests us. This begs the question, should we stop buying books before we know we have time to read them? The answer is no and here are a few reasons why.

Books Promote Creativity

Owning books promotes creativity and imagination. Having a variety of stories to read available in your home is great. Whenever you do have a minute of downtime, an interesting book is just a few steps away. If you did not already have books waiting for you, you might be more apt to opt for a less creative way to pass the time. Like watching television, for example, or surfing the web aimlessly. Reading is a way to learn, imagine, and be creative; never feel bad for promoting that in your household.

Reading Multiple Books at Once can be Beneficial

Reading multiple different books that are all centered around the same topic at once can actually be beneficial to the reader. Let’s say you want to learn about interior decorating trends over the years. You may be interested in a book about interior design in the seventies. You may also find one about the use of color palettes and what sort of mood they cause. Reading them at the same time promotes learning and the integration of ideas.

Health Benefits

Books have been known to have health benefits, including reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. If that is not a great reason to have a small personal library at home, I do not know what is. Knowing that you have books accessible in your home can help to reduce stress.

Sharing with a Friend

Even if you personally will not be able to read every book in its entirety, you may be able to share some with friends. Sharing books is a great way to promote learning and education. Having books available on a variety of topics to share can be a great way to engage in arts and gain valuable knowledge.

Having a personal library can be beneficial for a number of different reasons. So, keep buying books that interest you even if you lead a busy life and it might take a while to get to them.