Top three most popular books on sports betting


If you want to know what the best reads for betting are, we have a few we would like to recommend. All aspiring bettors should take many things into consideration when placing their bets, from exploring which betting shops offer bonus codes like Unibet boonuskood to reading online reviews to find the best one, and these books are here to explain why it is so and give a few insights into the intricate world of sports betting.

The Complete Guide to Sports Betting – Kevin Dolan

Kevin Dolan has been a professional sports bettor for ten years, and he was the winner of the World Series of Handicapping contest in Las Vegas, in 2015. You can find all sorts of new betting information and tips on his Twitter account every day.

In this book, which is both for newcomers and betting veterans alike, Dolan shows the methods and systems that serious sports bettors use to determine which games offer the greatest chances for profit and the highest value, as well. In a true guide-like manner, this book shows you how to achieve the edge over the sportsbook, how to do a proper analysis of betting trends and patterns and explains many other professional betting tactics. If professional betting is something that you are interested in, you will undoubtedly enjoy this informative and entertaining book.

The Betting Industry: Who Makes the Most Money and How? – Simon Kostrava

This book gives an in-depth look at the betting history and all its ins and outs. It also explains how bookmakers earn a profit and provides an analysis of whether betting can be profitable.

Kostrava, who talked to a lot of betters and was himself a better who had tried many different betting systems, spent a lot of the time doing research of various betting companies’ financial statements, and even gave a shot at bookkeeping for a brief period of time. His experience helped him write this book which features tips on how to avoid some common mistakes that bettors typically make, how to choose a bookmaker, what to pay attention to and beware of, how to find gaps in bookmakers’ strategies, and so on.

If you think that earning money by betting on your favorite sport is easy because you have had a lucky break and managed to guess a few scores, think again. On the one hand, there are many happy bettors winning hefty sums of money, but on the other, there are countless betting companies earning enormous amounts as well. Kostrava tries to set the record straight and explain whether betting can generate sustainable profits over an extended period of time.

Mathletics: How Gamblers, Managers, and Sports Enthusiasts Use Mathematics in Baseball, Basketball, and Football – Wayne L. Winston

Mathletics is an extremely entertaining book that shows its readers how to make use of simple mathematics for the analysis of probability and statistical-related questions when it comes to professional basketball, baseball, and American football.

In this book, Winston describes which mathematical methods managers and coaches use to improve team performance and evaluate players. Additionally, it gives explanations to those who are enthusiastic about mathematics which help them understand their favorite sports, and hopefully, gain the edge to winning bets. Throughout the book, you can find exciting math problems combined with sports stories of games, players and teams, and explanations of fundamental math concepts, like probability, statistics and arithmetic in relation to sports.

There is also an entire book section dedicated to gambling probabilities, competitive balance and team rating methods.