Want to write about video games? Here are some ideas!


Ever since they first appeared a few decades ago, video games have been part of many people’s lives. Initially, video games were quite simple, but nowadays they have grown into complex systems with amazing graphics, compelling storylines, lovable or frightening characters. In the same way, online casinos have improved their appearance and performance, all for the greater enjoyment of their visitors.

As such an important part of everyday life, video games have been a source of inspiration for all kinds of art and there are so many topics related to video games that you can write about.

Game reviews

To begin with, every day at least 5 new games are released, so you can build a writing career only by writing reviews of new games. This could be a perfect job if you like both playing video games and writing.

Social topics related to video games

If you are not a big fan of playing video games, there are social topics related to them that you can write about.

For example, you can write about cosplay, which has been growing in popularity recently. You could deal with questions such as why this phenomenon is so popular, whether people are trying to intertwine the real world and the world of games, or whether people are starting to glorify fictional characters instead of real-life heroes.

Furthermore, you could write about the potential effects of video games on people’s behavior. There has been a lot of debate on whether video games can encourage aggressiveness and lead to violence and, unfortunately, there have been cases of violence directly caused by video games. Another negative effect of video games that has recently been recognized is game addiction. There are already many clinics for treating game addiction in South Korea which is considered to be the country with the highest percentage of game addicts in the world.

On the other hand, video games have numerous positive effects that you can write about. You could write about educational games designed to teach children useful skills. What’s more, there are already experimental programs being conducted all over the world to determine the best way to induce video games into schools.

Future development of video games

If you still don’t know what to write about video games, here is another idea – you could imagine how video games could develop further and write new stories with familiar characters or settings. Actually, this is not a new idea. You may be familiar with film adaptations of video games such as Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, or Warcraft.

In conclusion, video games have become part of so many spheres of life that it is quite easy to find a topic related to video games that you could write about. One possible drawback of this situation may be the fact that there are already a lot of articles about video games on the internet, but if you invest just a little more effort and do some research, you will certainly be able to come up with some original topics or a different perspective on some familiar topics.