The path to finding a writing niche for freelance writers


You have just graduated and earned a degree in literature, journalism or communication. You have great language skills and you are good at writing and you don’t have a job waiting for you. If you are in this situation, you may want to think about becoming a freelance writer. If nothing else, it can be a stepping stone in your career as a writer and a nice addition to your portfolio.

Freelance writers enjoy a lot of independence and they can work for many employers at the same time. In many cases, they need to be quite knowledgeable and capable of doing thorough research, as their job usually involves writing about many different topics. However, if you are not so eager to be such a versatile writer, you can find a writing niche.

Your niche should be something you know a lot about or you are interested in learning about. It should be something specific that people will want to pay for. Finally, it should be something you enjoy writing about

Unless you are very lucky, at the beginning of your career as a freelance writer, you will not have many chances to write about what you really desire. Thanks to the development of the internet, there are already so many articles on every possible topic. The two most basic niches that you will encounter when you start working as a freelance writer are B2B or business-to-business writing and B2C or business-to-consumer writing.

B2B and B2C writing  

B2B writing involves creating texts for your client that should make their business more successful, attractive and lucrative. You will need to work closely with your client in order to generate more profit and improve their business overall.

B2C writing usually refers to writing emails for the purposes of marketing. Yes, it may involve writing those annoying spam mails whose aim is to sell something that people don’t really need at a very high price. Anyhow, both B2C and B2B can help you improve your resume and portfolio and will bring you closer to finding the right niche for you. Thanks to your reputation and experience, you won’t be the one that looks for the job, but the one that is being looked for to do a specific job.  


Due to tough competition in every sphere of business, marketing is in high demand and freelance writers should be familiar with affiliate marketing. Simply put, freelance writers create texts for sites that are affiliated with businesses and that bring money through affiliate commissions. However, you should keep in mind that this is not a quick way to making a fortune. The process of building a successful site is not easy and it takes time before you can turn a profit. Nevertheless, if your skills are high and you attract a considerable audience, affiliate marketing can help you get closer to your writing niche. You will be able to write about your favorite topics and earn money through affiliation.